What is this study about?

Scientists argue that the greenhouse gases and other environmental impacts of meat production and consumption deserve greater policy attention. Academics and policy makers have proposed some ways to reduce meat consumption such as revised dietary guidelines, consumption taxes on meat, product labelling, public information campaigns and the promotion of meat alternatives.

This study seeks to understand how new initiatives and products such as Meat Free Monday, meat consumption taxes and meat substitute products might shift diets in more sustainable directions. As well, the study aims to understand what happens when meat-free initiatives and products meet with everyday food practices of householders. This knowledge will be used to inform the design of programs and policies aimed at achieving sustainable dietary change both now and into the future.

Who is doing the study?

My name is Jane Daly and I am a PhD candidate in the Beyond Behaviour Change Research Program, Centre for Urban Research and the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University. Prior to this I worked as a Senior Research Consultant at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney. In that role I worked on a variety of applied research projects supporting communities, governments and businesses to create change towards a sustainable future.

My PhD research is co-supervised by Dr Cecily Maller, Senior Research Fellow and Dr Yolande Strengers, Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow, who are co-leaders of the Beyond Behaviour Change Research Program based at the Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University.